Our soils are varied. The predominant type being calcareous clay soil with rounded stones and very low organic matter content, which limits the vine’s vigour and provides an excellent vegetation-fruit balance
Most of our vines are rainfed and globet pruned which provides low yields, ensuring the highest quality of our grapes.

Clasification and description of our soils

Soil 1

  • Age: Tertiary – Miocene/Oligocene
  • Characteristics: red clays, sandstones and conglomerates
  • Shalow soils with fine elements.

Soil 2

  • Age: Quaternary
  • Characteristics: High level of stones with middle carbonates content.
  • Loose-textured soil.

Soil 3

  • Age: Quaternary
  • Characteristics: Soils with quartzite and slaty stones, mostly siliceous
  • Deep soils with high level of thik elements, and high content of carbonates.

Soil 4

  • Age: Tertiary – Miocene/Oligocene
  • Characteristics: Calcareous clay soils. These clays are yellowish-brown, sometimes grey, red or whitish colour
  • Contienen capas finas de calizas grises bioturbadas y areniscas de grano fino.
    Fine silty elements and fine clay-like textures